Summertime catch up...

Life has been moving so fast these days
in the last 12 months each of the kids have celebrated
at least one major life event.

Mark and Brook were Married in July

Kathryn and Jackson announced they were expecting

Anna graduated from College in December, 
got her tonsils out right before Christmas
and then took over Sarah's class in January

Sarah and John welcomed
John Caleb and Charlotte in January

In May Jake graduated from high school
(Our fifth and final high school graduation)

Also in May,
Jackson graduated from Auburn
and then Kathryn and Jackson moved to 
Charleston, SC. 

(Jackson had to move 2 weeks earlier than Kathryn
b/c she had to finish teaching...So Anna and I
helped her get all moved out)

So far this summer...
we have enjoyed a family week at the beach,

visited kk and jackson in Charleston,

Went to college orientation with Jake
Anna and Jake just left to work Camp Briarwood for the summer
(Anna is Camp Director!).

Just waiting for Baby William to arrive in early August
and then Jake moves to college in mid-August.

Whew! quite a year!
Maybe i'll be able to keep up better when things
settle down 😂